The Nominating Committee reviews the membership of committees, councils, commissions and boards appointed by the Presbytery and Synod and prepares nominations for the meetings where members will be elected. It arranges the ballots so nominees may be elected. The Committee makes recommendations to the Presbytery or the Synod of appropriate people, in order to assist them to make wise use of the people resources of the Church in the work of committees, councils, commissions and boards. The Nominating Committee must ensure nominations submitted to the Presbytery or Synod are representative of the diversity of men, women and young people and of the city and rural members in the Church.  As all changes to Uniting Church in Australia committees/councils/boards must be presented to the Synod Standing Committee meetings between the Synod and Presbytery meetings, changes must reach the General Secretary’s office (10) ten working days prior to the next Synod Standing Committee Meeting to maree.kemp@wa.uca.org.au  Nominations received after that date may be put to the subsequent Synod Standing Committee Meeting. Synod Standing Committee meetings are held on the second Monday of every second month commencing in February each year. Synod Standing Committee meeting dates and nomination cut-off dates as follows:

Synod Standing Committee Meeting

Nominations Dates cut-off (10) ten working days prior to meeting

Monday 13 February 2017 30 January 2017
Monday 10 April 2017 27 March 2017
Monday 12 June 2017 29 May 2017
Monday 14 August 2017 31 July 2017
Monday 9 October 2017 25 September 2017
Monday 13 November 2017 30 October 2017


Synod & Joint Bodies of Western Australia

20170913_NominatingCommitteeList_Final V02 (Uploaded 26 September 2017)

Call for Nominations to Synod Governing Bodies 2017 (uploaded 14 June 2017)

2017 Nomination Form for Synod & Joint Bodies (uploaded 14 June 2017)

Nomination Form for Election to School Council – Boards

Presbytery & Joint Bodies Nominating Committee November 2016 – Approved Presbytery May 2017 (Uploaded 25 May 2017)

(uploaded on 10 April 2017)    

Presbytery Meeting 20 May 2017

Call for Nominations to Presbytery 2017

2017 Nomination Form for Presbytery


Assembly 2018 Nominations

20170705_Assembly2018_NominationForm (uploaded 14.07.2017)

20170711_Assembly2018_Letter_re_Nominations_for_15th_Assembly (uploaded 18.07.2017)


Assembly 2018 WA Members List as elected at Synod 2017

20170914_AssemblyMembers_Final with Reserves (Uploaded 18 September 2017)

Please note: A further 2 nominations from the Presbytery meeting in November 2017 will be added to the final Assembly Members list to represent Western Australia at Assembly 2018.


For more information contact the General Secretary Rev David de Kock or Maree Kemp  on (08) 9260 9800 or email Maree Kemp (maree.kemp@wa.uca.org.au)