The Pastoral Relations & Placements Commission (PR&PC) has been re-structured and with effect from the 5th of November 2016, this combined Commission split.  The Placements Commission (PC) reports to the Synod Standing Committee (General Secretary) and the Pastoral Relations Committee (PRC) will report to Presbytery through the Presbytery Standing Committee (Deputy General Secretary).

The PC and PRC will continue to fulfill their duties in regard to the pastoral and administrative oversight of all ministers and pastoral charges within the Synod and Presbytery. In order to do this, the Commission and Committee  discern and liaise with congregations, ministers and relevant bodies in relation to the following:

Placements Commission (Regulation and in conjunction with 2.6)

  • Determine full lists of placements
  • Responsible for the change of the number, distribution or designation of approved placements within the bounds of the Synod
  • Exercise an overview of placements having regard to the interest of the whole church
  • Take initiative towards the deployment of available ministry to fill approved vacancies and ensuring that ministry agents with particular needs are suitably placed.
  • At any time initiate action to provide a minister for a priority placement
  • Supply relevant information to persons or bodies concerned with calling a Minister
  • Negotiate with other Synods regarding the transfer of Ministers between Synods
  • Recommend to Joint Nominating Committees, ministry agents considered to be suitable for a placement.
  • Admission of Ministers from other Denominations and Immigration Inquiries

Pastoral Relations Committee (Regulation 3.7.3(b))

  • Overseeing the pastoral relations between Ministers, Lay Pastors, Youth Workers, Community Ministers, Ministry of Pastor and Congregations within the Presbytery
  • Giving counsel on matters relating to pastoral relationships and responsibilities to ministry agents and congregations
  • Deal with Congregational Issues and complaints as set out in the Regulations on Church Discipline
  • Accrediting Lay Preachers and recognizing other specified ministries;
  • Provide appropriate pastoral support and accountability for ministry agents in active service who are not in approved placements and to those awaiting placement.
  • Determine the appointment of long term, short term, interim supply ministry and persons to preside at worship and preach in a Congregation during times when there is no Minister in Placement
  • Presidency of sacraments – Permissions to conduct Holy Communion and the sacraments, to be directed to Amanda Badenhorst who will submit all requests through to the PRC for the appropriate approval and resolution.
  • Chaplaincy
  • Vitality and Discernment
  • Ministry Placement issues relating so Long Service Leave, Annual Leave, Retirement, Conclusion of Placements, and payroll, etc.
  • Reviewing the list of ministry agents on a regular basis of those awaiting placement with a view to assisting them either to return to active service or to make other appropriate vocational decisions or suggesting to a Church Council that an invitation be extended to the ministry agent to become a Minister-in-Association.


Up to six members are selected for each Committee and Commission annually.  These people elected , after seeking advice from the respective bodies, will be chosen to provide for a balance of age, gender, ethnicity, rural and urban, specialist knowledge and experience, and the need for the various specified ministries to be represented. Meeting schedules are advised below (Please confirm dates with Amanda Badenhorst).

Placements Commission membership appointed by Synod and Presbytery currently include:

  • the Chairperson – Rev Hannes Halgryn
  • The General Secretary – Rev David de Kock
  • The Moderator (ex-officio) – Rev Steve Francis
  • The Deputy General Secretary (ex-officio) – Rev Dr Ian Tozer
  • Pastoral Relations & Placements Coordinator (*staff) – Rev Mark Illingworth
  • Administrator (*staff) – Amanda Badenhorst
  • Members elected by Synod: –  Trevor Thomas
  • Members elected by Presbytery – Rev Corina van Oostende. Rev Trevor Waters

Meeting dates for 2017 – Every second Tuesday of every second month at 3:30pm (until further notice) – please confirm with Amanda.

Pastoral Relations Committee Membership appointed by Presbytery currently include:

  • the Chairperson – Rev Trevor Waters
  • the Secretary of Presbytery – Rev Dr Ian Tozer
  • The Moderator (by invitation) – Rev Steve Francis
  • The Chair of Presbytery (ex-officio) – Rev Lorraine Stokes
  • Pastoral Relations & Placements Coordinator (*staff) – Rev Mark Illingworth
  • Administrator (*staff) – Amanda Badenhorst
  • Members elected by Presbytery  –  Rev Marie Wilson, Rev Corina van Oostende, Rev Frances Hadfield, John Boon and Geoff Ebell
  • Co-opted member – Rev Hannes Halgryn
  • two Members elected by Presbytery to represent PRC on the Placements Commission – Rev Trevor Waters and Rev Corina van Oostende

Meeting dates for 2017 – Every second Tuesday of each month at 1pm (until further notice) – please confirm with Amanda


Rev Marie Wilson ( Metro South) 

Pastor John Tomkins (North West)

Alan Hortin (Great Southern)

Jill Clements (Mid West)

Metro East, South West, Metro West, Metro Central, Metro North and Great Eastern are currently vacant. If you are interested in becoming a regional pastor for one of these vacant regions, please contact Rev Mark Illingworth.


Congregation FTE Description
Kalgoorlie-Boulder 1FTE  

Approved vacant Priority Placement for a Minister of the Word/Deacon


Floreat All Saints 1FTE Approved vacant placement for a Minister of the Word/Deacon – Applications are invited for a Minister of the Word to fill a vacant placement with the Floreat All Saints Uniting Church Congregation, 50 Berkeley Crescent, Floreat WA.

All Saints is a generous and caring congregation with a strong missional outreach in the local community and to Mowanjum and Papua. It is an affirming church with capable, hardworking leaders and a desire to include younger people. The successful applicant will meet the following criteria:

  • An ability to work with a broad range of theological viewpoints
  • Able to explore the possibility of becoming a regional hub in the western suburbs
  • Focus on supporting, caring for and encouraging active lay leadership teams
  • Willing to include all age groups (including youth) and use a variety of activities and music in worship
  • Provide support to the Kids Hope Aus program

To apply, please send your Ministerial Profile and your written expression of interest through to Rev Mark Illingworth, Pastoral Relations Committee and Placement Commission Unit Coordinator, Mark Illingworth, and Amanda Badenhorst, PR&PC Administrator Closing Date: 15 November 2017

Trinity North 1FTE  

Approved vacant placement for a Minister of the Word.


Presbytery Ministers – Formation and Discipleship, Western Australia  (CEDAL) 2 x .5FTE “The Uniting Church in Western Australia upholds as a central purpose the achievement of a culture in which faith formation for discipleship and leadership is prized, appreciated and accessible and seeks to build an informed and integrated learning community directed to the mission of God” (Synod 2009).
The Presbytery of WA is seeking expressions of interest for two new 0.5 FTE Ministry Placements. The core purpose of these positions is to participate in the educational team which is focused on achieving this purpose within the Uniting Church Western Australia (UCWA) and to assist the Presbytery of WA to achieve strategic directions in relation to education for formation, discipleship and leadership. These are new positions which will play a key role in the reshaping of education and formation in the UCWA. For more information, contact Rev Mark Illingworth at”  Closing Date:  22 September 2017


SPECIAL SERVICES (Ordination, Induction, Commissioning, Conclusion of Placements, etc) For all Special Services (Ordinations, Inductions, Commissionings, etc) please refer to News & Notes. (The Liturgy Committee has carriage – Convener – Rev Steve Francis.  All inquiries to Justine Woodward via email:

EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST / TRANSFERS – If you wish to apply for a vacant placement in our Synod or wish to make yourself available for call in the WA Synod, please notify your current Placements Commission so that they can send your updated profile through to Amanda Badenhorst.

MINISTRY AGENTS – Should you have any queries regarding stipends, allowances, relocation, travel and other ministry entitlements, please refer to the Ministry Handbook – . If you have any queries regarding your current placement and your status of applying to become a Minister of the Uniting Church, please contact Rev Mark Illingworth or Amanda Badenhorst as soon as possible.

Other useful links and information

2015 Constitution & Regulations :

Updates to Regulations and other changes by Assembly

Placements Bylaw: Placements Commission ByLaw 3.1 – Approved by SSC 12 June 2017 (Uploaded 11.07.2017)

Pastoral Relations Bylaws: P-3.2-Pastoral-Relations-Committee-Rev-November-2016 (Uploaded 11.01.2017)

Ministry Leadership Profile Template: Ministry Leadership Profile for WA – 2016 (Final)06042016 (PDF)    Ministry Leadership Profile for WA – 2016 (Final)06042016 (WORD)



Placements Commission Rev Mark Illingworth (Coordinator), Email: or contact +61 8 9260 9804

Pastoral Relations Committee: Rev Mark Illingworth (Coordinator), Email: or contact +61 8 9260 9804

Amanda Badenhorst (Pastoral Relations and Placements Administrator),  Email: or contact +61 8 9260 9805.