Remember Burma!

The Moderator of the Uniting Church in WA, Rev Ken Williams, addressed a rally in Perth on Saturday 27 September, marking one year since Burma’s ‘Saffron Revolution’: the monk led demonstrations held in September 2007. There are more than 2,000 political prisoners in Burma, with more than a third of these imprisoned for their participation in the 2007 protests.

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Historic Decision Gives Rural People a Voice in National Church

The Synod of WA Meeting today considered a historic proposal from the Great Southern Regionional Gathering to ensure rural and remote members of the Uniting Church are well represented at the National Assembly Meeting, which will be held in Sydney in July next year.

The proposal, which was the first ever proposal from a regional gathering under the revised structures of the Presbytery, was that at least one-third of the WA representatives to Assembly should be from rural and remote regions.

This would mean that at least seven people  from rural regions would attend the Assembly Meeting.

Rev Dave Hosking from Albany said there were many things happening in the rural and remote regions of WA and this needed to be represented by people who had a good understanding of what was happening on the ground.

A significant proportion of people in the meeting were concerned about putting such restrictions in place, and Rev Bev Fabb said she found it insulting to suggest that the Synod wouldn’t select country people to represent them unless forced.

There were also some questions about how someone could be defined as a ‘rural or remote’ person.

There was, nonetheless, a strong feeling of support for the need of rural and remote people to have their heard at such an important meeting.

The proposal went to a formal vote, and was passed by a narrow majority.