WCC: Statement on the Gaza War

The World council of Churches Executive Committee have reported (Feb 2009) as follows:

‘The Gaza war during Christmas season took a terrible toll on lives and communities that were already fragile.  Bombs, missiles and rockets striking densely populated areas spread an unconscionable sorrow from Gaza to much of the world.  Continue reading

Are You Ready to Ark it Up??

If you want to have an awesome Easter, then Ark it up! at Easter Camp 09.

If you like having fun at the beach, chillaxing with friends, listening to great music and playing games with food, it sounds like you’re ready. Easter Camps are about as old as the Uniting Church (and that’s over 30). So if you’re young — in high school or aged up to 25 — come and join 150 other young people and find out what it’s all about.

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Cheryl Lawson: Stepping Up

by Alison Atkinson-Phillips 

The first time I met Cheryl Lawson was just after she had returned from three weeks in Brazil in 2006, as one of the young indigenous delegates at the World Council of Churches. I remember thinking it must have been an amazing experience for her, because she was positively glowing as she shared her story. Continue reading

In His own Strange Way

I have had such an intense and formative time during these past three months!  Prominent amongst this experience has been a series of college speech nights, seven days in the chaplaincy team at the National Christian Youth Convention (NCYC) in Melbourne, a weekend in Jakarta as official guest of our partner church Gereja Kristen Indonesia (GKI) and now, as I write, the profound tragedy of the Victorian bushfires. 

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Making the Most of our Assets

It is one of the ironies of our times, that as Australia becomes more and more urbanised, social isolation is also increasing. Single person households accounted for 24.3% of total households in the 2006 census, and many of these are older people: some 46% of older Australians live alone. Cost of living increases — particularly petrol price rises — have made it more difficult for seniors to participate in community life.

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A flippin’ good feed to help those in need!

Enjoy a pancake tomorrow for UnitingCare Pancake Day and you will help UnitingCare support Australians doing it tough. Pancake Day events will be held in schools, businesses, churches, community centers and homes from Broome to Esperance.

If you can’t get into the city, you can find details of an event near you by phoning 1800 060 543 or visiting www.wa.uca.org.au/caring. Alternatively find your nearest Uniting Church event by entering your suburb in the top right search box. Under all activities select UnitingCare Pancake Day.

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Darwin and your Bible

by Doug Burtenshaw

Poor old Charlie Darwin.  He has been blamed for a lot of things over the years, for all manner of evil including the breakdown of society and the current scourge of godlessness.  Admittedly some of the controversy was self inflicted and could have been avoided:  he and those who championed his ideas were at times abrasive rather than explanatory.  But even Darwin’s detractors need to concede that his impact has been enormous in biological science, and in the way in which people view the world.  Continue reading