Concern for West Papua

Christian churches in West Papua are working together to raise concerns and speak clearly on behalf of the people of West Papua.A recent statement issued on 28th July 2009 by the Alliance of Churches in the Land of Papua (West Papua) raises concerns about ongoing violence and intimidation in “Tanah Papua” (the “Land of Papua” or West Papua).

Importantly, the statement calls on the central government in Jakarta “to immediately enter into a National Dialogue with the Papuan people in order to resolve all the problems in the Land of Papua, with dignity, justice and humanity.” The Alliance of Churches in the Land of Papua requests this dialogue be mediated by “a neutral third party.”

The Uniting Church in Australia works in partnership with a member church of the Alliance, the Gereja Kristen Injili di Tanah Papua (Evangelical Christian Church in the Land of Papua).

The statement can be downloaded from the the UnitingWorld website.

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