Bali dreaming: getting to know our neighbours

The people of Bali are some of our nearest neighbours. We share a time zone and it’s often cheaper and quicker to travel to Bali than to go elsewhere within Australia.

Three years ago Rev Kerry Enright, National Director of Uniting World, approached me, as chairperson of the WA Uniting Church Adult Fellowship (UCAF) Committee, and challenged the UCAF to form a partnership with a similar committee in an international church.

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Something new — and goodbye

The first ever WA Rural Church “October Fest” event, held in Narrogin, proved a resounding success, with plans already in place for something similar to take place in 2010. The day offered a mix of practical training sessions, worship ideas and discussion time. And, of course, being a rural church event there was also plenty of time for catching up with old and new friends.

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Burning Questions about the Bible: Why do some Christmas cards have doves on them these days?

In Genesis 8:11, the dove returning to Noah with an olive leaf in its beak showed the flood of God’s judgment was subsiding. The new era that follows this watershed is not unambiguously peaceful. God promises never to destroy all flesh again (Genesis 8:21, 9:11), but from now on, all other creatures will fear and dread the human creature (Genesis 9:2). Nevertheless, early Christian art used the dove as a symbol of God’s will for peace for creation.

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Speak up!

Intolerance affects us all at some point in our lives — some more than others.  So what do we do when someone else is being intolerant? Should we speak up or let it slide?
Meghan Plowman, a young Christian from Perth, found herself speaking up on the rights of women because the issue hit a nerve.

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Animals are a blessing

South Perth Uniting Church celebrated Sustainable September with its second ‘Blessing of the Animals’ worship service led by Rev Ian Robinson.30082009-039.jpg

On Sunday  6 September dogs, cats, chickens, birds and animals of all kinds filled the church courtyard. Inside, their owners lit candles to remember their much-loved pets and the threatened native animals.

One of the chickens thought it was his lucky day and tried to escape during one of the songs!

New animals were also ‘created’ using paper, feathers and ribbons and named by the children in an echo of the creation story.

Every animal was given a special blessing, and then everyone (the humans and animals) enjoyed morning tea.