Calendar or Diary

Are you a Calendar person, or do you prefer to carry around a diary? The Media and Communications team would like to know what you prefer as they prepare either a Uniting Church Calendar or a Uniting Church Diary. In 2010, we published a diary, and we believe that it’s a great item for sparking conversation about the church. But maybe you live out of your phone, and you would be more likely to buy a calendar to hang on the wall. So please let us know which is the better option by voting in our poll just below.

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Time for a humane, bipartisan approach to the treatment of asylum seekers

Asylum seekers are people in need of care and not to be feared, say Australian Churches.

At the recent National Council of Churches in Australia (NCCA) triennial Forum, the Churches affirmed the Australian Government’s right and responsibility to ensure legitimate border protection but also expressed grave concern over the treatment of asylum seekers. Continue reading