Call for compassion in disability justice concerns

When considering the care of people with disabilities in our justice system, the Moderator of the Uniting Church in Western Australia, Rev Ron Larkin calls on the community to exercise compassion.
“The Uniting Church ‘believes that every person is precious and entitled to live with dignity’. The development of two Disability Justice Centres in the metropolitan area is an opportunity to uphold the human rights of vulnerable people in our community,” said Ron. Continue reading

Refugee Fiesta and Walk Together – 22 June

The Uniting Church Social Justice Board, CARAD, Just Salvos, Amnesty and others are joining together to create a fiesta in Fremantle on 22 June. Bring a picnic blanket and celebrate diversity with world music, food, arts and crafts and a drumming circle with didgeridoo players at 11.00am. Continue reading

Moderator’s Column: Why are we so Active in the Community?

Recently I spoke at the Annual Meeting of one of our Congregational Community Service Agencies. I was asked to talk about why we in the Uniting Church are involved in community  services. It’s an interesting question, one I think we rarely stop to even consider. Why do we, as a community, put so much of our resources, our time, talents and gifts into caring for  others? Continue reading