Faith leaders promote protection of displaced people

Along with other faith-based groups, the World Council of Churches (WCC) has helped develop a declaration, launched by the United Nations Refugee Agency, which aims to strengthen protection for the world’s refugees as well as internally displaced and stateless people, who account for more than 40 million people in the world. Continue reading

Speaking truth to power about asylum seekers

National Director of UnitingJustice Australia, Rev Elenie Poulos, and members of the Uniting Church who work with asylum seekers, have spoken out during a Federal Government caucus meeting in the Sydney suburb of Balmain.

Elenie told assembled national media that the Government’s policy of sending all asylum seekers arriving by boat to Papua New Guinea for resettlement was, “a gross abdication of our moral responsibility to care for people who come to us seeking protection.” Continue reading

Uniting Church laments gross failure of compassion on asylum seekers

The Uniting Church in Australia has expressed its deep concern over the latest round of policy amendments designed to punish asylum seekers arriving by boat.

President of the Uniting Church Assembly Rev Prof Andrew Dutney spoke of his dismay at the extreme abdication of responsibility demonstrated by the new arrangements announced by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. Continue reading

New policy is bad news for refugees

Asylum seekers are in need of our protection, not more difficulty, according to the Uniting Church in Australia, Synod of Western Australia, which is calling for both major political parties to step back from the hard line policies being announced in the lead up to the next Federal Election.

The Church noted with great concern that the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights in its report tabled in Parliament on June 19 2013 concluded that Australia’s offshore processing laws do not comply with fundamental human rights principles ( Now things are only going to be worse. Continue reading

VACANT APPROVED PLACEMENTS – Expressions of Interest


VACANT APPROVED PLACEMENTS – Expressions of Interest

All Expressions of Interest to be directed to Amanda Badenhorst (Pastoral Relations & Placements Administrator) or contact +61 8 9260 9846.

Important Information in relation to Ministers from other Denominations applying for vacant positions within the Uniting Church:

With effect from 1 October 2012 – the Assembly have made significant amendments to the Uniting Church Regulations and Guidelines in relation to Applications of Ministers from other Denominations (From page 35 – 44 would be the significant changes made).

Should you be a minister from another denomination applying for a position in the Uniting Church, please indicate on your expression of interest whether you are willing to become a Minister of the Uniting Church as this is a crucial part to be factored into your application.

Amanda Badenhorst