Interfaith Pre School Project – Methodist Church in Sri Lanka

In 2012 the Uniting Church in Australia entered into a partnership agreement with the Methodist Church in Sri Lanka.  It is envisioned that this partnership becomes part of a century-old tradition of relations with overseas churches and that it would develop into a genuine, deep, responsible and long-lasting relationship. While entered into at the national level, this partnership aims towards creating transformed local communities where peace and justice reign, pointing people to hope and life in Jesus Christ. We seek to transform communities and ourselves in the process.  At our recent Annual Presbytery/Synod meeting the church agreed to build on this support, exploring concrete steps by which this agreement could be lived out.  The decision was made to support the Interfaith Pre-school program run by our partner church in the North East District of Sri Lanka.

Malnutrition is a chronic problem in Sri Lanka today, because of the war and the uneven distribution of goods and services throughout the country. In the aftermath of a 30-year civil war, a climate of social violence, dysfunctional families, a lack of family support systems, the Methodist Church in Sri Lanka is providing nutritious food and an opportunity for children to pursue their education in an atmosphere devoid of domestic violence and other trauma-inducing circumstances in the North East District of the Synod.  These establishments provide at least two nutritious meals and a cup of milk for children who do not have a single, proper meal at home.

The Uniting Church in WA, through the Uniting World WA Committee, seeks to focus the development of partnerships with churches in the Indian Ocean rim.

Just $10 will feed a child in the pre-school for a month. Print the pdf flyer here: Sri Lanka Interfaith Pre school flyer



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