Palm Sunday walk for peace and welcome

Holy Week has always begun with palm fronds.  They are displayed in churches, carried in processions and laid at the altar to remember the entry of the Prince of Peace into Jerusalem.

This year, many of those palm branches were put to extra use for the sake of asylum seekers.  On the steps of St George’s Cathedral in Perth, over 1000 people from a wide array of Christian churches and community organisations gathered, palms a-waving, to proclaim a message of justice for asylum seekers. Continue reading

Professor Garnaut speaks at Wesley Church

An almost capacity crowd gathered at Wesley Church on Wednesday night to hear from eminent economist, Professor Ross Garnaut, on the role Australia needs to play in addressing climate change.  Professor Garnaut AO, Professorial Research Fellow in Economics at the University of Melbourne and author of a number of influential reports to Government on climate change, explained the need for the Australian government to commit to a higher carbon emissions reduction target.

“If we take strong measures from now on we can avoid the most disruptive, the most severe outcomes,” Professor Garnaut said.

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