A Clear Call: Mission and Evangelism Conference 28-30 March

Registration is still open for “A Clear Call” is a national conference for the Uniting Church on Mission and Evangelism. The conference provides opportunities to engage in how we share our faith contextually using practical applications of sharing the great love of God that was first extended to us. It is for everyone who would like to share their faith and would benefit from conversation, information and practical examples. It is for all people: lay people, ordained, teams, young adults, all cultures and the full spectrum of theology of the Uniting Church. Resource persons include: John and Olive Drane, Scottish theologians and ministers actively involved in Fresh Expressions and Mission Shaped Ministry.  Others are Vicky Balabanski, senior lecturer on New Testament at Flinders Univeristy; Steve Taylor,principal of Uniting College; Mark Cornford, formation project officer in Queensland synod, who will speak on First Third; Jan Trengrove, a rural resourcing minister; Lu Senituli, an evangelism and multi-cultural educator; and Steph Tai on urban ministry. Twelve workshops are also on offer.


Venue is the Christian Brothers College in Adelaide. Registrations close 15 March. For more details, please go to http://sa.uca.org.au/clear-call/

Reconciliation: A Two-way Street

An apology can go a long way. But without action, it can also sometimes not be enough.

Five years ago, on February 13 2008, then Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd, apologised on behalf of the nation for the hurt and damage caused to generations of  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who were taken from their families by forced removal as part of what became known as the Stolen Generations. Continue reading

Tank Yu Tumas Papa God

Showering with a basin and bowl observed by centipedes, crabs and large spiders is how we would describe a typical shower in a semi-rural village in Vanuatu. We spent four  months over there between July and November working in a primary school and taking part in many other activities. So how exactly did this amazing opportunity come about? We have one answer: God. Continue reading

Unlocking Change for Women: A Powerful Key

Throughout the Pacific, talented, creative, determined women are taking the future into their own hands and creating change for themselves, their daughters and their  communities. With the support from a new project of UnitingWorld, they’re standing up to centuries-old structures of power that have created cultures of abuse and  oppression. And they’re doing it in unusual ways. Continue reading