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Perth Theological Hall Commencement Service

2017 Women’s Weekend Away flyer

Ecumenical and Inter-faith 2017 Awards flyer

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About FACE – for more information contact Janine McDonald, First Third Officer at the Uniting Church WA, on 9260 9800 or email

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Uniting for Change Website Launch Invitation

This is your opportunity to be involved in the advocacy work of the Uniting Church and our Agencies.

Next Friday 19 April there is a very exciting opportunity for you to see a demonstration of the Uniting for Change website. You will hear about the aims and objectives of the website and find out more about Social Advocacy & the resources Uniting for Change will provide, to help your congregation/organisation achieve its advocacy goals.

See UnitingforChange Launch Invitation

Please RSVP to Wendy Hendry on We would love to see you there.

Lucy Moore: Changing Worship and Celebrating Mess

Lucy Moore may have become the face of a mini empire, but deep down she’s a hardworking woman, passionate about bringing life back into the church and creating a new  space for everyone. She visited Perth recently to speak at the Uniting Church in WA’s Summer Spirit event in February and I got to catch-up with her about this Messy Church  phenomenon that’s sweeping the western world and changing the way many congregations do church. Continue reading

Learning to Give Back

The Day for Others is a definite highlight on the Penrhos College calendar as it is an important day that helps promote awareness of the less fortunate to the people who are  lucky enough to go to a school such as Penrhos. It was a day filled with lots of fun and activities that brings multiple facets of the school, such as staff and students, together in  the shared experiences of community service. This year it was held on 15 February. Continue reading

Fuelling the Fire for Change

Dynamic, faithful and influential were the words that National Faith Development Consultant Tom Kerr used to describe young adults in the Uniting Church of Australia. Our  job, he says, is to supply fuel for their fire to live out their faith. Tom was one of the organisers of the National Young Adult Leadership Conference (NYALC) at Naamaroo Conference Centre in Sydney in late January, which brought together 42 young adults from across Australia. Continue reading