Christmas is the time we in the Uniting Church celebrate God’s gift to us in Jesus; a tiny Middle-Eastern baby who was born in a shed and grew up to teach us that joy, hope, peace and love can be found inside each one of us.

The theme of the incarnation (God’s Word becoming flesh [Latin carnis]) is presented in stories of Jesus’ birth and early life. We in the Uniting Church believe that the Word of God has always been at work in creation. Through Jesus, we can see the human face of God at work in the world; as a baby bringing new life and hope, and as an adult standing alongside all people, particularly disadvantaged people, and working for justice.

In Australia, Christmas is a time for special decorations, carol singing, partying, and giving and receiving gifts. But most important of all, it’s a time of sharing our lives, our hopes and our hearts with each other.

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