The purpose of the Disaster Relief & Recovery Working Group (a reference working group of the Pastoral Relations & Placements Commission)  is to co-ordinate and assist in any response of the Uniting Church to a disaster or major emergency in Western Australia. In such a situation, the group would administer the WA Disaster Relief Fund and represent the Uniting Church in joint action with other Church and community agencies.

The Working Group works with the Assembly Disaster Relief Committee and seeks to raise awareness, educate and prepare Uniting Church and community members to better respond to disaster and emergency situations. The Uniting Church’s response in times of disaster or major emergency could be in the form of financial aid (we have limited funds) and/or in the provision of pastoral care to Emergency Services workers, victims and community, support for ongoing community recovery and further development of personal and community resilience.

Synod Disaster Coordinators

The role of the synod officers is to:

  • arrange liaison with presbyteries and other relevant church and community groups within the synod.
  • arrange training programs so that there are competent  people to respond in disaster situations.
  • establish links with the State Disaster Response and Recovery Authorities.

For more information, you are welcome  to contact one of the following:

Rev Gordon Scantlebury (Co-Ordinator) on 0437704801 or email gordon_s2@bigpond.com

Amanda  Badenhorst (Support) on (08) 9260 9846 or email amanda.badehorst@wa.uca.org.au

Other Useful  Contacts

Newly appointed National Disaster Recovery Officer :  Rev Dr Stephen Robinson :

Piccadilly Court
Level 10, 222 Pitt Street, Sydney
PO Box A2266

Phone: +61 (02) 8267 4231

Fax: +61 (02) 8267 4222
Mobile: 0412 820 848

web: http://assembly.uca.org.au/


Mr Robert Key
02 8267 4326

Rev Sydney Smale
03 9842 2418
0419 393 223

Mr Andrew Johns
03 6223 9712

Mr Barrie Kirby
08 8227 0822
08 8364 5902 (AH)
0408 803 034

Rev Gordon Scantlebury

Northern Territory

Rev John Rowland
08 8982 3400

Dr Greg Miles
07 3250 1930
0408 220 596