Human Rights

In response to the Christian call to stand with people who are marginalised, poor and oppressed we have a responsibility to contribute to the building of societies in which all people are valued and respected. The Uniting Church seeks for each person the conditions that enable them to thrive and to reach their full potential. In the context of public policy and international humanitarian affairs, we can contribute by supporting the development of policy and legislation which upholds the rights of all people to participate in the community and public life, be treated with respect and accorded dignity without discrimination. Support for an instrument that seeks to implement Australia’s international human rights commitments and protect human rights in Australia is entirely consistent with the Uniting Church’s strong commitment to human rights. The Uniting Church in Australia believes that one key avenue for the protection of human rights in Australia is the implementation of an Australian Human Rights Act.

  • To read moreĀ  about the Uniting Church’s support for an Australian Human Rights Act, visit the UnitingJustice website.
  • On the 10th December 2008, the 60th Anniversary of Human Rights Day, the Uniting Church President, Rev Gregor Henderson signed on to a Statement titled “Faith in Human Rights” issued by major religious leaders around the world. To read the statement, visit the Faith in Human Rights website.