Wedding rings on old woodMarriage

The Uniting Church in Australia’s National Working Group on Doctrine produces a range of discussion papers (DocBytes) on topics of significance to the church. Worksheet 3 on Marriage states:

The Christian celebration of marriage is an act of worship, an expression of the church’s offering of the whole of life to God. It is a pastoral occasion in which the community of faith  shares in the joy of bridegroom and bride. It is an evangelical occasion in which those who have come to witness the marriage may be challenged by the implications of the Christian  faith. (Uniting in Worship 2, p.353).

Hymns, songs and music should be chosen to express praise and thanksgiving to God, and to celebrate God’s love for us, our love for God, our love for one another, or the love of  husband and wife. (p.355)

At the commencement of the marriage service, after the greeting and prayer, the church’s understanding of marriage is declared in a brief summary, and is addressed not only to the  bridegroom and bride but also to all who are present to witness their marriage.

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If you are interested in celebrating a marriage at a Uniting Church in WA, contact your local Uniting Church congregation or contact the Uniting Church Centre on (08) 9260 9800. You can search for your local congregation in the search function on the right hand side of this page.