In recent years many Evangelical Christians in the Uniting Church have been feeling somewhat marginalised. Now the Pastoral Network of Evangelicals Uniting in Mission Action (PNEUMA) is a reality, with a positive agenda of mutual support.

A core issue for the Uniting Church is to rebuild our capacity for fruitful faith-sharing, as an essential aspect of the discipleship of members. This can be achieved through the content and practise of evangelism and discipleship education and a process of development of leadership in mission.

As a church, the NCLS (National Church Life Survey) data shows we are declining very fast, and most are unable to share our faith. It also says we are the most highly involved in our communities.

Let us start from that strength to repair that weakness. This could provide a strong foundation for uncovering and unleashing a faith which is A.L.I.V.E.

Authentic – arises from within our cultural, local and personal story.
Liberating – motivated by the grace we have received and its implications for life.
Infectious – willing and able to be shared among others with love and respect.
Vital – the vitals for church health are well researched. Where is OUR vitality?
Enthusiastic – finding our own style of enthusiasm, filled and overflowing.

PNEUMA will help take us along several small steps to come ALIVE. The steps arise from the different stages of discipleship and the different stages of life. From the healthy vitality of the vine comes its fruitfulness. Leafiness is not healthy enough!
Manifesto: To renew the capacities of congregations, small groups and individuals in the Uniting Church for sharing our faith and discipling newcomers.

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