You won’t be able to understand the reaction of the crowds that followed Jesus unless you begin to understand the gentle power of the ‘open crowd’. It is as we understand the context of the ‘open crowd’ that we will find many of the Gospel stories will come alive.

The way you measure the impact of communication is not by looking at the words of the communicator, but the heart response of the receiver of the communication. Jesus always had a deep emotional response to his communication. We are told the common people heard Him gladly, the rich young ruler went away sorrowful etc. Much of our Christian communication fails to connect. People are not rejecting the Gospel. – they have not even tuned in to our communication often.

Open Crowd Festivals are promoted by Fusion and Awakening Australia. Extensive manuals are available.

You know you have an open Crowd when……

* People from the crowd volunteer to help out
* You look around and see smiles, hear spontaneous laughter and squeals of delight…not only from children!
* People are asking when you will run this again!
* People comment that no one has asked them for money.
* You see families connecting as they work together on tasks eg Kids Carpentry.
* People feel they can be themselves, spontaneous, natural and free.
* You hear children say to their parents,”That was fun! Can we stay here?”

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