The task of church planting and mission in the West requires specialised training quite distinct from that of standard ministry formation. The task-orientation for church planters and missionaries is different and therefore requires a distinct training emphasis. We believe that in addition to theological and ministry skills, the missionary (in western cultural environments) requires:

• a more action-oriented approach that directly develops distinct pioneering skill
• a sharpened ability to interpret and engage the prevailing culture, opposed to church culture
• capacities to implement mission strategies
• skills in basic sociological research and in the interpretation of general social/cultural trends
• innovative evangelistic communication skills, including a ‘media awareness’
• leadership and team development skills, along with community development skills

Please note: FORGE is not designed to conflict with established ministry training options. It’s intended to be supplementary and complementary to such training. We do not claim to be a theological college. FORGE is a network for specialising in missions-to-the-first-world training, which is undertaken in modules and based on an action-reflection internship-training model.

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