A short workshop consisting of 8 modules in sharing the Christian faith in everyday ways so that others become Disciples.

Many Times … we wish we could find a starting point in another person’s life to offer the beauty and power of the gospel; to go beyond ‘conversation’ to have impact. “Gossiping the Gospel” will help identify starting points which have a cutting edge.

Many of us … are frightened by the need to share the gospel with other people. Perhaps we are frightened of being rejected, or of making mistakes. “Gossiping the Gospel” will help to put you at ease with the gospel, in a spirit of love which is significant and attractive to non-churched people.

This is not … telling you how to do evangelism. It is a rediscovery of the heart of evangelism. Every person develops their own approach to suit their personality in everyday, natural situations.

Grown in Australia … the leader’s resources contain guidelines for many small-group exercises which will help you share your faith. They provide help in organising, motivating, leading discussions, and following through. They are not just lectures, and not just sharing times. They are discussion exercises that lead somewhere. People leave feeling encouraged and empowered. They were first developed in the towns and beaches of Western Australia. “Gossiping the Gospel” is now proving effective in many different churches and cultures across Australia and beyond.

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First published 1992, revised 2005

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