The evolution of PNEUMA is a long story.

Remember the controversy running for more than 20 years in the UCA about faith and sexuality? People took various sides on different sexual issues, but in the course of this debate it became clear that many church members were also uncomfortable with a number of other aspects of denominational life.

Concerns were expressed, for example, about the dominance of Liberal theology in ministerial training, lack of commitment to evangelism, manipulation of representation on higher church councils, decline of rural support structures, falling membership especially among youth, and so on.

So protest groups evolved: first EMU, then Reforming Alliance. More recently, these bodies closed down in order to promote the Assembly of Confessing Congregations.

An Australia-wide network of ACC congregations is now growing rapidly in the UCA. Many Uniting Evangelicals in Western Australia sympathise with these developments, and some WA congregations are working towards affiliation with ACC.

But many of us feel that there is also a need to develop support structures focusing less on the ongoing political debates, and more on supporting each other pastorally and collaborating in mission projects.

PNEUMA is not affiliated with any other group, but seeks to fulfil positive biblical objectives within the life of the Uniting Church.

PNEUMA is not a regional network, but a network of conviction seeking to serve the whole church.

Our full name, as you will realise, is effectively our mission statement. We aim to strengthen Evangelical congregations, Evangelical people in more pluralised congregations, and other friends, by helping each other to develop a soundly biblical understanding of Christ and his Gospel, and by supporting each other in shared ministries of evangelism and compassion.

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