Spirituality that anyone can relate to!!

The Hope Discovery Tour is helping a generation that has lost touch with spirituality, is starting to think what spirituality means, but is still looking for the words to navigate their way.

Together in this course, we will uncover, from our own human experiences, a few remarkable things – the great qualities of God, a deep loneliness for God, and the utter familiarity of God.  This will be a breakthrough in information and in imagination.

We do this through a set of exercises that are based around lateral thinking about our own experiences. You will be asked to think outside the box a little. The leader takes us through it. There are some very nice surprises. It is not invasive, confronting or preachy.

The Hope Discovery Course does not try to say everything, but to provoke and empower searching, from a Christian viewpoint. We recommend that participants follow this workshop, in their own time, and do a course of Alpha, Basics, Careforce Recovery, a guided retreat, a church small group, or attending a relevant church for a couple of months.

We need a lot more people with enough Hope in the lives to want to make a difference. Welcome aboard!

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