The Perth Theological Hall exists to provide theological education within the Uniting Church in WA. This includes formation for specified ministries, their continuing education, and theological education for all God’s people to equip them for ministry.

The Hall fulfils a strategic role in the Church’s life by sustaining a lively and creative interchange which draws together the Church’s received tradition (beginning with the Bible through to recent times), contemporary thought, and the needs and aspirations of human beings and of creation.

The Hall oversees the formation of candidates for ministry, through the Theology Programme at Murdoch University and the ‘Wednesday Programme’, which is dedicated to issues of particular relevance to Uniting Church ministers. Wednesday worship and many of the sessions are open to the wider Church.

In addition, the provision of high-quality theological education for the wider Church is an integral part of the mission of the Hall. Members of the Faculty frequently lead workshops and studies, as well as preach in congregations within the Presbytery of WA.

The Perth Theological Hall is a participating institution of the Perth College of Divinity and through the College shares in the partnership with Murdoch University in providing for study and research in Theology at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.