Local Ministry Teams

Local Ministry Teams
Many of our rural congregations are led by a local ministry team. Every congregation needs a team of leaders to help it express its life and carry out it’s mission – to be a community of faith, hope and love and doing the things which are the purpose of the church. The local ministry team comprises the gifts of the people in the congregation who feel called to be in leadership together. In some areas this team has been commissioned by the Presbytery. The Local Ministry Team provides worship services, pastoral care, administration and meets the myriad of other needs of their congregation.

There is no pre-determined size for a team. much will depend upon the size of the congregation. in some of our smaller congregations, it may be the whole congregation.

The congregation is requested to go through a time of prayer and discernment, and bring forward the names of those who they feel God is calling to be in ministry in their congregation. The Rural Ministry Team member meets with those who are nominated to discuss their role and commitment as a Local Ministry Team member. it is expected that each team member will be regular in worship, have a sense of God’s purpose and role for the congregation, and the ability for leading and teamwork. each position on the team is a learn-as-you-go experience. No one person is expected to have all the training and gifts needed for ministry.

The team is elected by the congregation to show their support fro those in leadership. Persons who have at least 70% of the congregation supporting them will be included in the Local Ministry Team.

These name are forwarded to the Pastoral Relations and Placements Commission for appointment and commissioning. The Presbytery through the Moderator will arrange a public Commissioning service for the team.

Training for each team member and for the team and congregation as a whole is made available through the Rural Ministry Team in the areas of worship preparation for various styles of services, celebration of the sacraments, pastoral care and other requested areas, to equip the teams for their ministries.


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