Risk Management

Risk management is something we do every day, and is part of being good stewards of God’s creation.

Every decision involves risk and consequences. Risk management is about influencing the choices we make, and the process engages to be pro-active in mitigating our exposures and enhancing our opportunities for improvements. In sum, risk management is a process of steps that enable us to continually improve our decision making.

In the past, we have relied on the transfer of risks through insurance for much of the protection needed. However, we need to broaden our risk control measures to understand the nature of our risks more holistically and reduce our potential exposures, in financial and non-financial terms.

The Uniting Church in WA’s risk management program is part of an official policy being rolled out across the Church nationwide. While this is based within an ethical framework, it is important to remember we have commercial and legal obligations to meet and strive for best practice in our corporate governance.

To facilitate your development of risk management practices within your Congregation, the Uniting Church Insurance Services (UCIS) has developed a set of documents for you to review and adapt to meet your needs. UCIS is also accessible for assistance and advice.

For further information about risk management, contact Muralee Nair, Insurance and Risk Manager on 9260 9832 or 1300 736 692 for country callers.