Safe Church Training

The Safe Church training is facilitated by the National Council of Churches in Australia (NCCA) through the Safe Church Training Agreement(SCTA). It is a service to Christian churches & organisations resourcing, facilitating and supporting implementation of quality, sustainable, accessible, holistic Safe Church workshops.
This training Agreement (SCTA) is one initiative of the NCCA’s Safe Church Program and WA Synod is a member.  For more information on SCTA, National Training Standards and the other initiatives click here.

Safe Church Awareness Workshops

In line with the Safe Church Training Agreement (SCTA) the WA Synod offers two different Workshop presentations  – a five hour introductory or a three hour refresher course.
The SCTA recommends all Church leaders* and those involved in ministry with vulnerable children and adults attend an introductory (five hour) workshop in their first year of ministry and a refresher (three hour) course every three years.                                                                                                                               The Introductory Workshop covers understanding of how abuse can occur; boundary violations and grooming; protecting children and other vulnerable people; types and indicators of abuse;  responding to disclosures and reporting protocols; how to ensure safe Church leaders and volunteers; and developing safe programmes.                                                                                                                                       The Refresher Workshop provides updates on relevant legislative changes and recommendations of judicial inquiries, compliance requirements and review of progress towards being a safe church.
*WA Synod also encourages all members of a congregation to attend this training to be aware of and together actively build a safe church environment around all its vulnerable people.

WA Synod Safe Church Workshop Dates for 2017

Here are the dates and details for the 2017 Introductory and Refresher Workshops from July.  The NCCA sets the registration cost at $20 per head for all denominations’ SCTA endorsed training which helps to cover the cost of the Manual and light refreshments.

Introductory Workshops

 Sat 25 November  South Perth Uniting Church

Refresher Workshops

Congregations Hosting Workshops

As well as the Synod organising Safe Church training sessions your congregation could also host a Workshop. Follow these steps to help with your planning:

1. Contact Cindy Gorton at the Synod Office of your intention to host a Safe Church Awareness Workshop. (Preference is for less than 40 people and space to set up tables of six)
2. Decide on catering requirements. (Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, etc) Workshops run for 4 – 5 hours.
3. Registration cost is $20 per head to cover costs of training materials and catering. $10 of this to be paid to the Synod office for supply of the manuals.
4. We have template flyers approved by Synod Media and Communications that can be customised to reflect your Workshop details and emailed out or put up on your Church pin up board.
5. The Workshop can also be advertised in News and Notes.
6. Cindy will organise for one or two UCA presenters to run the training and one of them will be in touch to discuss final arrangements with you at least 6 weeks before the Workshop.
7. The presenter/s will bring out the workshop materials and at the end of the session will hand out an evaluation and collect the registration list with signatures of those who attended.


Please contact Cindy Gorton on and/or phone her at the Church office on 9260 9800 for any queries regarding Safe Church.