Uniting Church Adult Fellowship

The WA UCAF Committee supports and promotes FAITH and FRIENDSHIP within congregations and beyond

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The Uniting Church Adult Fellowship supports the Church’s mission of encouraging and enabling all persons to discover, accept and express the Gospel of Jesus Christ by means of the following:
a) engaging with fellowship groups throughout the Church;
b) promoting involvement in faith, fellowship and mission activities; and
c) encouraging a vision of the strength and value of adult groups in the life of the Church.

The activities of the WA UCAF are guided by a Committee which is established by and responsible to the Presbytery of Western Australia.

The Committee:
i. coordinates the involvement of congregational fellowship groups as and when appropriate;
ii. provides resources to congregational fellowship groups;
iii. arranges activities to promote communication between the Church and congregational fellowship groups; and
iv. promotes a deeper fellowship and involvement of all Church people and the total outreach of the Church.

WA UCAF also:

a. maintains links with the National UCAF Committee and works the triennium theme set by the national group
b. presents Certificates of Appreciation to octogenarians on behalf of the whole WA UCA and sends cards to 90 year olds
c. engages in partnership with the Women’s Fellowship of the Christian Protestant Church (GKPB) in Bali
d. manages, through a sub-committee the Emergency Hospitality Program
e. attends Presbytery and Synod
f. connects with Uniting Church Mission Fellowship, National Church Women and Australian Church Women.

The 2015 WA UCAF Committee members are:
Chairperson: Rev Janelle Macgregor
Vice Chairperson: Vacant
Secretary: Jane Robertson (Bayswater)
Minutes Secretary: vacant
Treasurer: Jim Boyd (Guildford)
Assistant Treasurer: vacant
Fellowship Newslink Editor: Aladina Foster (Pinjarra)
WA Mission Fellowship Reps: Elsie Warne (Bicton)
Australian Church Women Rep: Gill Muir (Pinjarra)
National Church Women Rep: Gill Muir (Pinjarra UCA)
Greetings coordinator: Olive Caporn (Beldon UCA)
Members: Wendy Urbanszki (Rockingham UCA); Kerry Dunn (Rockingham UCA)

Contact Janelle Macgregor 0427051101 or Ann Holland 94077747

Emergency Hospitality Program

The UCAF Emergency Hospitality Program assists people beyond the metro area, who need to attend the city, at short notice, for specialised appointments or treatments (medical, personal, legal etc) by arranging accommodation in a caring environment.
Phone Barbara 0447910007 or Aladina 95312556
The Volunteer Coordinator is the first point of contact for the Program and responsible for maintaining records and reporting to the UCAF Committee.


The Coordinator will:

  • receive initial enquiries, send out forms, and negotiate suitable accommodation
  • contact a nominated refe¬ree e.g. minister, church leader, health professional, etc.
  • match the request for hospitality with a suitable host in suitable location
  • contact the host to confirm accommodation is available;
  • provide host and guest with relevant details
  • connect the guest with a chaplain if required.

Hosts open their homes to guests, providing a comfortable atmosphere with a simple bed and breakfast. They will help with local knowledge and transport information and respect the privacy of guests.

Guests must contact the coordinator in the first instance then complete a ‘Request to Access’ form. The maximum stay will be 5 days.

Guests will: 

  • nominate a referee – minister/church leader/doctor/ social worker
  • respect the privacy and way of life of the host family
  • contribute towards costs of accommodation at $22 per day
  • disclose age, gender and special needs for daily living and mobility
  • keep host up to date on progress (not details)
  • have no expectation of on¬going assistance
  • contact the Coordinator about additional needs.