shining dovePentecost

The Jewish of Pentecost (also known as the Feast of Weeks) falls on the 50th day after Passover. In the Uniting Church, this means it falls on the 50th day after Easter Saturday.

Pentecost begins with account of the public coming of the Holy Spirit upon the first disciples on the Jewish festival of Pentecost (Acts Chapter 2). This story is set during the time after Jesus’ resurrection but after the time when people had reported meeting with him. The disciples of Jesus had gathered in an upper room in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, during the Feast of Weeks. They heard the sound of wind, and saw ‘tongues of fire’ come among them and they began to speak in many different languages.

It is after this experience that Peter, the leader of the disciples, is reported to have given his first public speech calling people to believe in Jesus, to repent and be baptised.

In the Uniting Church, this season is often used to focus on the experience of God as Trinity: Creator, Son and Holy Spirit. The doctrine of the Trinity also reminds us that God is found in community.

This season lasts until the end of the Church Year, which is marked on the Sunday named Christ the King.