New Model Conversations

After almost a decade of the First Third initiative in WA, we have much to celebrate and much to learn from. If we are to equip a generation of young people for worship, witness and service which brings much fruit for the Kingdom of God, we know we need all hands on deck, working together not just to save the Church, but mobilise it! Can you see a Church where all generations work together for selfless, servant hearted ministry and mission? If so, we need you!

The First Third Committee is currently developing a new model to equip the Uniting Church in WA for effective First Third Ministry. We believe that networking, equipping local ‘champions’ in congregations and sharing and practicing real life examples is what we need for effective First Third Ministry going forward.

First Third ministry is about those in the ‘first third’ of life but this means it is also about understanding and co-operation between generations, not just ‘youth ministry’ or ‘children’s ministry’. We are better together, not apart. As part of this ‘re-model’, we will also be exploring a new name to capture the heart of this ministry focus in our church.

We hope you can join us for one of two conversations held digitally (details below) or for a face to face conversation, in July. These conversations will be kept to an hour, with the intention of sharing thoughts, ideas, inspiration and feedback regarding the direction we are heading. A recording will be made from each conversation and will available only to the First Third Committee and an adviser who is working with the committee, guiding us in the development of the new model.

Our current hope is to have first third staff members who are well equipped to mentor lay ‘champions’ of First Third ministry in congregations (and other settings), encourage and facilitate networking and equip them for ministry in their local context. We look forward to discussing this with you during these conversations:

Friday 14 July               2-3pm               Digital conversation

Wednesday 19 July       9-10am            Digital conversation

Thursday 20 July          5:30-6:30pm     In person conversation at the Uniting Church Centre, 85-89 Edward St, Perth

RSVP to Janine McDonald,

If you attend one of the digital conversations, you can join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android via this link:

If you have not downloaded the zoom app/program, you may be prompted to do so. If you don’t have access to a computer/device, you can call 02 8015 2088 and enter the meeting ID 120445926  when prompted. Please test your device prior to the conversation(s). This can be done at any time.

As someone invested in this ministry, we look forward to hearing your thoughts and discerning God’s way forward for us together.

In Jesus,

The First Third Committee







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