The Vision of “First Third” ministry is for a church:

  • where congregations experience a communal, shared life that is fully inclusive, so that people of all ages and in all stages of life may share the journey of life together

  • where people of all ages intentionally engage with one another across generations

  • where the shared experience is of acceptance and a sense of belonging to one big “Faith Family”, regardless of whether their “home family” be a house-hold of one or many, or even a multi-household family; regardless of how “traditional” or “untraditional” the home family may be; and regardless of how positive or negative their experience of “family” may be at home

  • where people of all ages may worship together, serve together and serve one another (across generations, both “up” and “down”), learning together and from each other (“up” and “down”); “being” and “doing” church together

  • where all people of all ages together experience and affirm the shared identity of “church” – God’s beloved people, the Body of Christ – we are not some of us the church of yesterday and some the church of tomorrow, but all of us, together, the church of “here and now”.  







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