Godly Play Core Training

April 2017




Godly Play Core Training is an intensive three-day program which introduces participants to the principles and practice of Godly Play. It includes a balance of teaching, reflection and practice. In this three-day course, participants are immersed in Godly Play practice, and learn and tell a story for supportive feedback.

In this time two accredited trainers will work with the group to provide information and experience of the three genres of stories in Godly Play, the role of the storyteller, the role of the doorperson, the Godly Play space, materials, response time, spirituality of the child, forming and maintaining a respectful story circle community, the history and practice of Godly Play and much more.

Suitable for parish workers, teachers, chaplains and clergy, community workers, those employed in hospitals, age care or correctional services; and those hoping to use Godly Play in the life of their family.


In April 2017 Godly Play Core Training will be offered in 2 locations in WA:

                           Bunbury   Saturday 22 – Monday 24th

                        Scarborough  Friday 28 – Sunday 30th


Contact Brenton Prigge on 0458 748 255 or at brenton.prigge@bigpond.com for further information.