First Third Resources

First Third Ministry is, in its essence, about recognising that ministry with children, youth and families is inextricably linked with all other ages and forms an integrated approach to enable, build and nurture the whole faith community.

Resources on this website are provided to enable a First third approach to ministry, to be appropriated and lived out in an integrated approach to youth, children and families ministries in local faith communities. If you are searching for a particular resource and are unable to find what will help your local setting, then please contact First Third through the Uniting Church Centre, Perth.  Or, follow the links below to get the information or contact details you need.

In 2014 we produced a small introductory video.


In 2013 we produced a First Third brochure which explains the essence of First Third Ministry

The Reverend Professor Bill Loader has written a short piece on the philosophy of First Third Ministry.


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