The Uniting Church in Australia believes that social justice is at the core of our existence.

Social Justice

In Western Australia, a lot of this work is carried out by the Social Justice Board. On behalf of the Synod, the Social Justice Board regularly speaks on issues such as Australia’s First People, refugees and asylum seekers, prison justice, environment, human trafficking, fair trade and peacemaking.

Media Releases

You can also read some of our media releases on various issues at

A number of Uniting Church agencies are committed to taking a stand on many issues that affect Australian people and life. These include:

UnitingJustice Australia

UnitingJustice Australia is an agency of the Uniting Church in Australia. They provide social advocacy on a range of issues concerning justice at a national level.

UnitingCare Australia

UnitingCare Australia is one of the largest non-government community service providers in Australia. They also provide social advocacy at a national level, though in areas concerning community development. UnitingCare West is our state branch of UnitingCare.

Uniting for Change

Uniting for Change is an online community encouraging people to get involved in social advocacy.