The Uniting Church stands alongside those at the fringe of society, the poor, the marginalised and the oppressed.

At it’s heart is a church committed to justice and reconciliation.

What is the Social Justice Commission?

The Social Justice Commission  is appointed by the Synod to work for reconciliation, justice and peace, and involves the Church in social and national affairs.

The Board does this in practical ways by identifying issues, undertaking research, providing position papers, developing resources, organising seminars and advocacy work.

 Our responsibilities

  • To enable the Church in Western Australia to maintain a vision of wholeness of life for all people that includes a commitment to human rights and integrity in public life;
  • To hold before the Church the importance of standing alongside those at the fringe of society, the poor, the marginalised and the oppressed, in a commitment to solidarity and advocacy as a direct implication of faith in the Gospel; and
  • To assist the Church to address issues of social concern and to take action where appropriate.

The Social Justice Commission has identified three focus areas : Human Rights, Environment and Peace Making. 

Within our focus on Human Rights,  we have a special concern for First People in Australia, and refugees. Click the links below to find out what we are doing in each of these areas.

Follow this link to find out what we are working on in the Environment.

Follow this link for Peace Making – comprehensive resources on peace here

For our UnitingWorld work click this link!

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We send out a weekly email newsletter – the Justice & Mission Update.  It contains the latest commentary on all the issues we are involved with and a great selection of events and activities to get you engaged.

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Social Justice Unit Staff 

The Social Justice Unit is made up of the following people:

Marg StaffaAdministration Assistant

Geoff BiceJustice & Mission Officer (@geoffbice)

For more information about Social Justice contact Geoff Bice, Justice & Mission Officer at the Uniting Church Centre on 9260 9800 or email