The Uniting Church in Western Australia is committed to walking the journey with people through all stages of life.


Baptism in the Uniting Church incorporates people into the body of Christ.

First Third Ministry

First Third Ministry engages people of all ages into the community of the church. While the First Third technically refers to those under 30, the beauty of the First Third Ministry concept is the recognition that ministry to children, youth and families are inextricably linked with each other, and an integral part of our whole faith community.


Education within the Uniting Church upholds, as a central purpose, a culture of lifelong learning in which formation for discipleship and leadership become prized, appreciated and accessible. This includes from school, university and beyond.


Marriage in the Uniting Church is a celebration, an act of worship and a pastoral occasion for a faith community to share with the bride and groom.


Juniper is one of WA’s largest aged care organisations, providing high quality services with a vision of ‘a good life for all our people.’ Juniper provides high care, community care, retirement housing, residential care, respite to carers and health care.
Most Uniting Church ministers will conduct funerals. Contact the minister, or a congregation, direct to find out more about how they can help, or call the Uniting Church Centre on (08) 9260 9800. You can search for your local congregation in the search function on the right hand side of this page.

The Uniting Church Archives

The Uniting Church Archives is responsible for the collection and preservation of historical records from the Congregational, Methodist and Presbyterian churches prior to union, and from the Uniting Church.