The purpose of the Strategy and Mission Planning Commission is twofold. Firstly to assist the Presbytery to set key Strategic Mission Directions and secondly to assist congregations, agencies, and other activities of the church within the Presbytery to develop mission plans for their local area or particular responsibilities, ensuring that theses plans are complementary to the Key Strategic Mission Directions of the Presbytery.

The Commission is authorised and delegated to act on behalf of the Presbytery in:

  • researching, developing and resourcing broad strategic plans for the whole Presbytery area or for regions within the Presbytery or for particular ministry situations
  • assisting in the development of and resourcing of networks of congregations or individual persons involved in or experienced in particular ministry situations or challenges
  • developing and resourcing ministry plans and arrangements for congregations and faith communities that are not able to afford or obtain full or part time ministers
  • conducting the periodic consultations on the life and witness of a congregation in conjunction with the Pastoral Relations & Placements Committee (PR & PC), and presenting the reports on the consultation to the Presbytery and to the PR&PC
  • providing resources for congregations, ministers and other leaders and seeking suitable consultants to work with congregations in the fulfillment of their strategies and mission plans.

Members of the Strategy and Mission Planning Commission are appointed by the Presbytery and include:

  • the Chairperson
  • one or two members of the Uniting Church Centre staff with responsibilities relating to the work of the Commission, selected by the General Secretary
  • a representative of the Pastoral Relations & Placements Commission
  • up to six persons elected annually by the Presbytery.

The Committee may co-opt up to two further members to ensure balanced representation or to provide the Committee with knowledge, abilities or experience which may be helpful and would not otherwise be available.

For more information contact Alice Boomer on 9260 9800 or

Developing a Local Mission Plan:

All congregations are encouraged to develop a Local Mission Plan to assist them to define their mission directions and goals in their local area. Once a Local Mission Plan is developed it will enable a congregation to determine its requirements in terms of staffing, property and finance. If a congregation is seeking to call a new minister, sell, buy or develop a property or apply for a Synod Mission Grant, the first step is development of a Local Mission Plan which then should be submitted to the Strategy and Mission Planning Commission for approval.

For more information about mission planning, contact Alice Boomer on 9260 9800 or

Synod Mission Grants

Each year in May applications from congregations, regions or agencies for a Synod Mission Grant are received, assessed and prioritised by the Strategy and Mission Planning Commission. The purpose of a Synod Mission Grant is to provide financial support to congregations, groups of congregations, regions or agencies within the Presbytery of WA, so that they may engage in missional activities in their local communities. Synod Mission Grants provide initial seeding grants to enable new mission initiatives to get underway. Grants are approved as part of the budget process at the Synod meeting in September and become available from Jan 1 on the following year.

For more information about Synod Mission Grants, contact Alice Boomer on 9260 9800 or

Synod Mission Grants Applications

After many comments to SMPC indicating that those who are seeking help to initiate mission based ministries within their congregation have found our application process too difficult, we have instituted a newer “Narrative” approach where members of SMPC will walk alongside congregations seeking a grant. Our intention is to go with you on your journey, To see what this looks like, follow this link.