WA Multicultural Congregations

The Uniting Church in Western Australia has a range of congregations who worship in different languages. We believe that its important to preseve the uniqueness of different cultures, while welcoming people to be part of our church and community, not just as outsiders. After all, we are all in this together.

In 1985 the Uniting Church in Australia committed to being a multicultural church, recongnising that Australia is truly a multicultural country.The National Assembly stated in 1985 that “the Uniting Church welcomes the progress that has been made in the last 20 years towards the formation of a society in Australia in which people of many races and cultures live together. The multicultural church seeks to be a sign of hope within the Australian community, and particularly those who are pushed to its fringes on racial and economic grounds.”

During Pentectost, as part of the Christian calendar, the Uniting Church in WA celbrates its multiculturalism. The annual Pentecost celebration is a time for joy, worship and togetherness. For more information on Pentecost visit http://unitingchurchwa.org.au/services/experiencing-god/seasons-of-the-church-year/pentecost/

The Uniting Church has many congregations with a multicultural focus, who include languages, songs and traditions from many places in their regular worship.

Below is a list of congregations who worship in languages other than English and who are always happy to welcome new members or visitors. Multicultural Ministry Co-ordinator, Rev Dr Emanuel Audisho, based in the Synod office, can also help with enquiries. Contact him on (08) 9260 9800 or email emanuel.audisho@wa.uca.org.au or alice.boomer@wa.uca.org.au

Assyrian Arabic Holiness Church
Fremantle Wesley Uniting Church
Cnr Market and Cantonment Streets, Fremantle
Phone Fremantle Wesley Uniting Church: (08) 9335 1775
Person in Ministry: Rev Dr Emanuel Audisho, Phone: (08) 9260 9800, email: ur_kldo@hotmail.com

Beth Shalom Tongan Uniting Church
111 Elderberry Drive, South Lake
email: ucabethshalom@iinet.net.au
Person in Ministry: Uto Fotu
Congregation contact: Kalo Fotu, phone: (08) 9417 1845.

GKI Perth (Uniting Church Indonesian Congregation)
2A Willis Street, Mosman Park, WA 6012
Phone: (08) 9337 8878, email: gkiperth@yahoo.com, website: www.gkiperth.org.au
Person in Ministry: Rev. Ciptamartalu Sapangi, phone: 0412 630 470 (Cipto)
Congregation contact: Jan Alvin Gunawan, phone: 0402 333 217 (Alvin)

Karen Baptist Church
Ross Memorial Uniting Church in the City, Cnr Hay and Colin Sts, Perth
Phone Uniting Church in the City: (08) 6103 4222, fax: (08) 9321 9964, email: admin@ucic.org.au
Person in Ministry: S’win Schwae

Korean Yeon Hap Uniting Church
Kardinya Unting Church, 133 Le Souef Drive, Kardinya
Phone: (08) 9451 5805, email: visionshinil@gmail.com
Person in Ministry: Rev Jeremy Kim
Congregation contact: Gun-Seo Park, phone: (08) 9451 9164

Afrikaans Ministry
Trinity Uniting Church in the City
72 St George’s Terrace, Perth
Phone Uniting Church in the City: (08) 6103 4222, fax: (08) 9321 9964, email: admin@ucic.org.au, website: http://www.perthunitingchurch.com.au/viewStory/Afrikaans+Ministry