Web links are provided below to assist in the preparation of worship services. Monthly resource packs are sent by email or post to congregations and worship leaders on request to the Rural Ministry Team. Contact Alice Boomer on 9260 9800. The resources sent to congregations include extra resources for the appropriate season as well as resources for children.

On these sites you can look for current services, sermons and music suggestions. On some sites you may need to look back three years ago in their archives for the same readings. The links are to websites which are local UCA and overseas sites from churches with similar backgrounds to our own – eg United Church of Canada, Church of Scotland

Bill Loader’s Homepage: visit this website for lectionary resources and reflective writings.

Church of Scotland: worship starters up to four weeks in advance.

United Church of Canada:  link from page to lectionary for the following Sundays

Old Testament Lectionary resources:  good Old Testament commentary and reflections by Anna Grant-Henderson

The Text this Week: this is an excellent website for worship resources including commentaries on Scripture, Liturgies and sermons.

Lectionary: links to online text for all Bible readings from the lectionary.

Laughing Bird Liturgical Resources: contains prayers, sermons and Scriptural paraphases.

Bruce Prewer’s Homepage: liturgies including sermons, created by retired Uniting Church minister Bruce Prewer. Scroll down for day.

Howard Wallace: online Old Testament commentary; Good background material on the Old Testament; photos of the Holy Land

Worship and Preaching Resources: created by retired Uniting Church minister Rev David Beswick.

Worship Resources: Rev Jeff Shrowder, Uniting Church Minister, includes hymn lists. Scroll down to page tree on right hand side. link to appropriate year and day.

Liturgies for the Celebration of Life:  Revd AE Hunt, Uniting Church of St James, Curtin, ACT, 2011. Full liturgies including new hymns to known tunes. very good language. Click on day required in the boxes on LHS of screen

Richard Fairchild: United Church of Canada. Sermons and Liturgies. Click on required year on LHS of screen and scroll to appropriate week.

10 Minutes on a Tuesday: Methodist Church of New Zealand; compilation of background material, prayers, hymn suggestions, activities and more.



For those needing music resources:

Together to Celebrate: contemporary music suggestions for worship

New Hymn: music written by Rev Brenton Prigge, lectionary based resources

Small Church music: free downloads of music files

Songs that Unite: a useful music resource for new songs. This website is still developing.

Piano accompaniment recordings: Downloadable piano accompaniments of familiar hymns; a joint project of GBOD and United Methodist Communications.

An option is to download iTunes to give access to downloadable music at minimal cost to cover copyright requirements.



The Rural Ministry Team has subscriptions to other sites and samples of these can be sent to individual congregations. Congregations may wish to have their own subscription.

Project Reconnect: offers a unique worship resource sponsored by congregations in rural NSW. Music and liturgy for each week on DVD.

esermons : subscription based sermons, children’s resources and much more

Roots on the web: resources for the weekly lectionary including children’s and music resources

Words for Worship: subscription based lectionary resources including hymn suggestions.

 Liturgies Online: contains liturgies and images by the Late Rev Moira Laidlaw of the Uniting Church. These are available on CD in Liturgies online offline. Refer to the website for purchase of these CDs. They are not expensive.

SeasonsFusion resources are available. There is an annual subscription due in July/August. You may purchase direct through Mediacom. Includes material for modern worship, bible studies, café-style worship, stories and children’s sheets.


Contact the Rural Ministry Team for more information regarding worship resources


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