Work, Health and Safety Files

Legislation, Plans and Policies

  • Western Australia’s Work Health and Safety Act 2020
  • Adverse Incident Management Plan
  • Work Health and Safety Policy (UCWA)


  • Contractors Guide

A guide to planning contract work, selecting a contractor, and providing them with the information needed to keep everyone safe.

  • Emergency Plan Guide

A guide to developing an emergency plan for your congregation.

  • First Aid Guide

A practical guide to setting up your congregation’s first aid response.

  • Risk Management Guide

This guide considers how we can demonstrate our care for others by planning for, and addressing issues that might be harmful.

  • Volunteer’s Guide

This guide gives you information about how to provide a safe environment for your volunteers.


  • Approved contractor list

List your approved contractors here.

  • Contractor management plan

Things to consider when managing a contractor.

  • Emergency Plan Template

Helps you create an emergency plan for your congregation.

  • Emergency Plan Checklist

Helps you make sure your emergency plan is complete.

  • First Aid Procedure

A place to document the first aid arrangements for your congregation.

  • First Aid Kit Contents

A checklist for the contents of your first aid kit.

  • First Aid Checklist

A checklist for first aid procedures in your congregation or mission.

  • First Aid Hazard, Incident and Injury Record

Record hazards and injuries on this form.

  • Safety Information Handout

An outline of the safety related conditions of entry of visitors and contractors onto Uniting Church property.

  • WHS Risk Register

Record and rate WHS risks here.

  • Work Permit/ Clearance Certificate

To be completed by the Contractor carrying out work and approved by the Nominated Workplace Manager. 

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