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Mission Planning

We recognise that God is already at work in the world and our responsibility as a local churches is to discover together what God is doing and to join him. Mission theologian David Bosch describes mission as “the good news of God’s love, incarnated in the witness of a community, for the sake of the world.”

Check out our brief guide to mission planning:

A video companion to the guide, explaining how to do mission planning –

Mission Planning Tutorial

Fresh Expressions of Church

Thrive Mission Committee is the forum that has been established for promoting mission within the WA Presbytery. Thrive seeks to work with local congregations to assist with deliberate, wise and prayerful mission planning and community outreach and to develop Fresh Expressions of Church.

We invite congregations to reimagine how the Body of Christ can live and work in diverse and changing contexts. Fresh Expressions are new forms of church that emerge within contemporary culture and engage primarily with those who don’t “go to church”. Fresh Expressions, United Kingdom gives a few examples of fresh expressions in other parts of the world.

Mission Shaped Ministry

In 2023, MSM will be held over three weekends:

Mission Shaped Ministry (MSM) is a course run by Thrive to provide training in Fresh Expressions of Church.

  • March 24-26
  • May 26-28, and
  • July 21-23

Registrations via Eventbrite!

What’s happening in the WA Presbytery?

Discover what local churches within the WA Presbytery are doing in mission:

The future of ministry is bivocational

Discovery Group offer fresh opportunities

How a church connected with it’s street

Music soothes souls in the harsh Goldfields

A garden connects a church to its community

Exploring variety through Café Church

A wheatbelt hub opens doors to the Community

An open door in the inner city

Want to know more?

For more information about Mission Planning, Fresh Expressions of Church, or the Mission Shaped Ministry course, please contact:

Rob Douglas
Presbytery Minister for Mission
E: rob.douglas@wa.uca.org.au
P: (08) 9260 9823

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