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The Commission on Education for Discipleship and Leadership (CEDAL) provides education to members to enable them to grow in faith, discipleship and leadership; oversight of theological education for the specified ministries of the Uniting Church (Lay Preacher, Pastor, Deacon and Minister of the Word) according to guidelines set by the Assembly.

Our overall aim is “to build an informed and integrated learning community directed to the mission of God”.

We offer theology courses with us and accredited study options for:

  • people wanting to grow in faith and expand their discipleship
  • leaders in local congregations who are called on to lead worship, preach, and share their faith
  • people who feel a call to leadership in a specific form of ministry
  • anyone wanting to undertake a pathway of the study of theology
  • ministers who are actively seeking to develop their skills in ministry

Perth Theological Hall

The Perth Theological Hall (PTH) was established by the Synod of WA and is approved by the Assembly for providing training for ordained ministries.

PTH works collaboratively with Uniting Church theological colleges in other Synods, and theological colleges in Perth, to provide appropriate contextual theological education for candidates as well as for lay leaders seeking to undertake university-level studies.

Contact Us

For more details about CEDAL, please contact:

Rev Dr Cathie Lambert
Formation and Learning Culture Co-ordinator
Email: cathie.lambert@wa.uca.org.au
Phone: (08) 9260 9800

Mahshid Zadeh
Administration Assistant CEDAL
Email: mahshid.zadeh@wa.uca.org.au
Phone: (08) 9260 9800

Rev Andy Broadbent
Education & Resources Coordinator
Email: andy.broadbent@wa.uca.org.au
Phone: (08) 9260 9800

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