Baptism & Confirmation

What is Baptism?

We consider baptism as a gift from God. Our service begins with symbolically accepting God’s offer of a new beginning. It then moves on to the baptised person (or their guardians) being asked to respond as a member of a community of people who are on a similar journey.

“Baptism is a visible sign of God’s grace. That is most powerfully expressed in the practice of baptising infants as well as adults as an expression of God’s gracious welcome into the community of faith.”

“The Uniting Church will baptise those who confess the Christian faith, and children who are presented for baptism and for whose instruction and nourishment in the faith the Church takes responsibility.”

(The Basis of Union, Paragraph 7).
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Celebrating new life: baptising a baby

The birth of a child is a truly life-changing event. We are honoured that you are considering celebrating this with us.

The church community performing the baptism promises to spiritually nourish any children they baptise in faith. Equally, they may seek commitments from you as to how they may partner with you in this important journey. If you are unwilling or unable to meet these commitments, you may find a service of thanksgiving (sometimes including dedication) more appropriate for you and your child.

The Uniting Church baptises infants who are unable to make responses on their own, as we believe that in this service we are relying upon God’s grace. This means we are not relying on any effort, worthiness, or understanding on our part.

Celebrating new faith

If you have come to faith, welcome to God’s family! We wish you every blessing as you explore what this means for you. Our local church would love to hear from you, so that they may join you and support you on this journey.

“This is true … for adults who seek Baptism in the profession of their faith in Christ. It is not a celebration of the achievement of a person who is affirming faith, but a celebration of the Christ who brought that faith to birth and now incorporates him/her into the Body of Christ.”

A Hitchhikers Trip Through The Basis of Union, Don Whebell and Duncan Harrison, 1997, page 19
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What is Confirmation?

We recognise that many people who were baptised as infants may appreciate an opportunity to make a public reaffirmation to the grace shown at their baptism. This ceremony is known as confirmation.

Your Commitment

When you feel ready to make a faith commitment, either with baptism and/or confirmation, please raise this with your local congregation. They will assist you in preparing an application and making the commitments that will be asked of you when joining our church community.

To speak with someone about baptism or confirmation, please search for your local congregation via our Find a Church page.


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