The Synod of Western Australia operates as the legal and administrative body of the Church. The name ‘synod’ can be used to refer to the geographical area, the administrative tasks and responsibilities of the body which oversees that area, or the name given to the annual meeting at which representatives of congregations, agencies and committees of the Church come together to make decisions.

The Synod of Western Australia covers most of the state of Western Australia, south of a line near Port Hedland. It is one of six geographically-based Synods of the Uniting Church. The elected head of each synod is the Moderator and the General Secretary is appointed as the Executive Officer.

The governance of the whole church happens through Presbytery and Synod Committees and Commissions, which report to the Presbytery and Synod meetings and in between to the Standing Committees of each body. Ministers and representatives of caring agencies, schools and colleges, and the Presbytery of WA meet annually (usually in September) to discuss issues affecting the whole of the state.

Throughout the year, the work of the Synod continues through its committees, commissions, agencies, schools and paid staff of the Uniting Church Centre.

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