Future Mission Fund

Future Mission Fund Grant Opportunities

The Future Mission Fund was established by a decision of the 47th Annual Synod of WA in 2023.

The purpose of the Future Mission Fund is to provide funding to congregations and other councils of the church so that they may engage in new mission projects. The Mission Resourcing Committee, established at Synod 2023, will make decisions about applications for grants. All applications must align with the Mission Resourcing Framework set out below.

Mission Resourcing Framework

Grants from the Future Mission Fund shall both:

(a) Fund a project which is fully consistent in its nature with the agreed strategic directions of the Church in WA; and

(b) Fulfil or enhance the purposes (see Constitution para 4) or mission of the Church.

Given the satisfaction of both (a) and (b) above, the grant may consist of any one or combinations of the following:

  1. The funding of a new program, or the establishment of a new project, or the creation of a new centre or presence.
  2. Expenditure to maintain programs, projects, or properties that have been deemed to be of high strategic importance.
  3. Expenditure to allow for experimental, creative and evolving opportunities to be undertaken.
  4. The funding of a project which demonstrates good stewardship in multipurpose use of sites, allow for multiple users and cooperative activities.
  5. The funding of education for or training in or research in programs and projects which are innovative, developmental and experimental.

How to Apply for a Grant

Read the Application Guide provided which explains the process involved in first submitting an Expression of Interest and then make an application for a grant.

All Expressions of Interest must be made on the attached Application Form. For more information email mission.resourcing@wa.uca.org.au


Mission Resourcing Committee

Email: mission.resourcing@wa.uca.org.au
Phone: (08) 9260 9800

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