Presbytery Standing (PSC)

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Presbytery Standing Committee (PSC)

The role of the PSC is to act for the Presbytery between meetings on matters urgent or emergent that require a decision before the next Presbytery meeting. They also provide support, advice and direction to Presbytery Committees and Networks and can initiate the development of policy, goals, strategy and programs for the Presbytery.


The members provide for a balance of age, gender, ethnicity, rural and urban, specialist knowledge and experience, and the need for both lay or ordained to be represented. Current members include:

  • Chairperson of Presbytery – Alison Xamon
  • Secretary of Presbytery – Rev Bev Fabb
  • Treasurer of Presbytery – Janine McDonald
  • Immediate Past Chairperson – vacant
  • Chairperson of Thrive – Rev Greg Ross
  • Chairperson of CEDAL – Dr Karen Flowers
  • Chairperson of PRC – Sue Strutt
  • Moderator – Susy Thomas
  • Members elected by Presbytery – Mary Riley, Rev Katalina Tahaafe-Williams, Rev Ivan Clark, and Reuben Edmonds

Meetings in 2023

The Presbytery Standing Committee meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 5.30pm, commencing in February. If you have any matter you would like to bring to the attention of PSC, please email this through to the Secretary of Presbytery at, by the Thursday prior to the meeting.

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