Presbytery Standing Committee (PSC)

The Committee’s role is to:

  1. Act for the Presbytery between meetings of the Presbytery on matters urgent or emergent that require a decision before the next Presbytery meeting or when authorised by the Presbytery to do so;
  2. Initiate or coordinate the development of policy, goals, strategy and programs for the Presbytery;
  3. Coordinate the processes and activities of the various Presbytery Committees and Bodies;
  4. Provide support, advice and direction to the various Presbytery Committees and Bodies when requested or deemed to be desirable;
  5. Act on any direction or reference from the Presbytery; and
  6. Report to every meeting of the Presbytery.


Up to eight members are selected for the Committee annually. These people elected, after seeking advice from the committees, will be chosen to provide for a balance of age, gender, ethnicity, rural and urban, specialist knowledge and experience, and the need for the various specified ministries to be represented. Current members include:

  • The Chairperson – Rev Ivan Clark
  • The Secretary of Presbytery – Rev Dr David Ferguson
  • The Chair of Presbytery (ex-officio) – Alison Xamon
  • The Moderator (by invitation) – Susy Thomas
  • Presbytery Minister (Pastoral) (*staff) – Rev Chris Crause
  • Presbytery Support Administrator (*staff) – Amanda Badenhorst
  • Members elected by Presbytery – John Boon, Sue Whitworth, Rev Marie Wilson, Rev Sonny Rajamoney, David Williams, Sue Strutt
  • Two co-opted members – vacant
  • Two members elected by Presbytery to represent PRC on the Placements Commission – John Boon and Rev Ivan Clark

Meeting Dates in 2022

Presbytery Standing Committee Meetings (PSC) are usually held on Tuesday evenings from 5.00pm. PSC Meetings in 2022 will be held on:

  • Tuesday 1 February
  • Tuesday 1 March
  • Tuesday 5 April
  • Tuesday 3 May
  • Tuesday 7 June
  • Tuesday 2 August
  • Tuesday 6 September
  • Tuesday 4 October
  • Tuesday 1 November
  • Tuesday 6 December
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