Work, Health and Safety

Christianity teaches us to have love and respect for one another, and if you come to us for paid or voluntary work, we want to keep you safe.

Here you will find the forms and guidelines that will help you, your congregation, or your mission, meet government regulations for WHS. But we hope you will also join with us in God’s call to love one another.

Sometimes the legislation and forms that surround WHS can seem daunting, but in fact they are just another way we can express care for one another.

It’s important to take responsibility for our safety and the safety of others. If we treat each other with respect, looking out for our own safety and the safety of our friends and colleagues, we will go a long way towards expressing the heart of God, as well as meeting our legal obligations.

We hope these guides and toolkits will help you create a safe workplace. We understand some of our congregations are small and we are working to develop toolkits to be customised for smaller congregations.

If you have questions about any WHS matters please do not hesitate to contact us!

Contact Us

The Insurance and Risk Management Team is located at the Uniting Church Centre, 85-89 Edward Street, Perth. GPO Box M952, Perth  WA  6843.

Muralee Nair
Insurance and Risk Manager
Phone: (08) 9260 9832

Lakshemaa Ragoonath
Insurance and Risk Officer
Phone: (08) 9260 9835

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