Work, Health and Safety Library

Legislation, Plans and Policies


A guide to planning contract work, selecting a contractor and providing them with the information needed to keep everyone safe.

A guide to developing an emergency plan for your congregation.

A practical guide to setting up your congregation’s first aid response.

This guide considers how we can demonstrate our care for others by planning for, and addressing issues that might be harmful.

This guide gives you information about how to provide a safe environment for your volunteers.


List your approved contractors.

Things to consider when managing a contractor.

Helps you create an emergency plan for your congregation.

Helps you make sure your emergency plan is complete.

A place to document the first aid arrangements for your congregation.

A checklist for the contents of your first aid kit.

A checklist for first aid procedures in your congregation or mission.

Record hazards and injuries on this form.

An outline of the safety-related conditions of entry of visitors and contractors onto Uniting Church property.

Record and rate WHS risk

To be completed by the Contractor carrying out work and approved by the Nominated Workplace Manager. 

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