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The Uniting Church Risk and Insurance (UCRI) office serves two main functions: to coordinate risk management activities for our churches, and manage the Group Insurance Program. 

We live in times of crisis and challenge and to continue serving God we need to be prepared to meet these challenges.

We are here to help you reduce the risks that you or your congregation might face as you carry out the mission of the Uniting Church. And when things go wrong, as they sometimes do, we can help you navigate the insurance claims process.

We liaise with all the business units in the Uniting Church Centre, including Presbytery. We work in partnership with Property Services, People & Culture, and Culture of Safety to improve:

  • Insurance submission quality
  • Work, Health and Safety compliance 
  • Best practices – especially with regards to the protection of vulnerable people.

Please follow the links below to find out more. And if you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact our team (details below). We are here to help you meet your risk management and insurance needs!

Further Information

Contact Us

Muralee Nair
Insurance and Risk Manager 
P: (08) 9260 9832
E: muralee.nair@wa.uca.org.au       
Lakshemaa Ragoonath
Insurance and Risk Officer
P: (08) 9260 9835
E: lakshemaa.ragoonath@wa.uca.org.au     

85-89 Edward Street, Perth WA 6000 | GPO Box M952, Perth  WA  6843    

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