Making a Claim

General information

If you have to make a claim or a potential claim, here’s what you need to do:

  • Assess the loss or damage
  • Take photos of the damage if it relates to property
  • Inform the relevant agencies, including 000 for emergencies
  • Identify witnesses and take their contact details
  • Complete your internal Incident Report
  • Complete the appropriate Claims Form or procedures
  • Inform the UCIS team with the relevant information and supporting documents.


Industrial Special Risks Claims

Claims can arise from losses involving events such as:

  • Fire
  • Storm
  • Flood
  • Explosion
  • Theft/Burglary
  • Malicious Damage
  • Breakage – Accidental Damage
  • Impact by Vehicles

Liability and Professional Indemnity Claims

Refer any claim or potential claim to UCIS and they will follow up with Insurers and appointed legal representatives. Do not provide any unsubstantiated information to third parties.

Business Travel Claims


If you are travelling overseas you should apply for an identification card and carry this card while travelling. These cards contain a telephone number for emergency assistance and the policy number. The service includes:

  • Medical Insurance verification
  • Payment guarantees to hospitals
  • Emergency Medical Advice (24 hours per day)
  • Case Management if hospitalised
  • Cost containment and control
  • Hospital discharge planning
  • Arrangement of evacuation home
  • 24-Hour Emergency Telephone Number (reverse charge anywhere in the world).

Insurer: Chubb Insurance Emergency.

Emergency Number: +61 2 9929 2216


Please prepare your claim form and send it to our team as soon as possible. Overseas travellers must report losses to the local police or responsible officer of any aircraft or vessel on which they are travelling.

Motor Vehicle Claims

In the event of loss or damage to a motor vehicle you should:

At the scene:

  • Do NOT admit fault
  • Ensure compliance with state or territory policy reporting procedures

Please try and obtain the following

  • Other vehicle drivers name, address, licence number
  • Owners name, address, phone number
  • Make, model and registration of the other vehicle
  • Insurance company details of the other vehicle
  • Witness details
  • Make arrangements for the safety/towage of the vehicle

After the accident

Immediate notification should be given to the Insurer.

Insurer: Vero

Phone: 1300 888 073


To make lodgement easier, please have the following information ready:

  • Policy Number
  • Loss Date
  • Loss Time
  • Loss Description (including cause and extent of damage)
  • Situation of Loss
  • Driver Details:
    • Vehicle Registration Number, Name and address, Contact Number, Date of Birth, Licence Details
  • Third Party Details (if relevant):
    • Name, Address, Contact Number, Vehicle Registration Number, Vehicle Details, Insurance Details
  • Witness Details:
    • Name, Address, Contact Number
  • Police Report:
    • Station and Report Number

The Vero claims department will assist in completing the claim and advise on the action to be taken to have the vehicle repaired.

Should you experience any problems in respect to your claim, contact our UCIS team immediately.

Workers Compensation Claims

When an employee sustains an injury as a result of an accident arising out of or in the course of employment, the particulars of the injury are to be:

  • reported to the employee’s supervisor who will:
    • ensure injury detail is recorded in the appropriate register
    • arrange for necessary claim forms to be completed
  • reported to the appropriate Claims Agent/Insurer/Government office.

In the event of a serious accident where there may be a possibility of Common Law action against the Company, your Company Secretary or other designated officer must be advised immediately.

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