Presbytery Property Committee

The Presbytery Property Committee (PPC) reports to the Presbytery Standing Committee.

The rules relating to the committee can be found on Rules of the Presbytery page.


Chairperson – Heather Hamblin
Chair of Presbytery (ex-officio) – Alison Xamon
Members elected by Presbytery – Rev Lorraine Stokes, Rhod Wright, two positions vacant.
Members appointed by Thrive – two positions vacant
Members appointed by PRC – Sandy Scott, one place vacant
Members co-opted by PSC – up to two positions vacant

The committee currently meets monthly on the third Thursday at 11am. You can contact the committee via email on


Manses: Before and after a ministerial placement, manses need to be inspected by Presbytery to ensure they meet the criteria and standards as the home for a minister. This inspection is invaluable for both the congregation and the minister. As per the regulations, congregations are obliged to conduct an annual inspection of their manse also. This is something that the Presbytery Property Committee will work with congregations on during this year, to ensure that a standard reporting mechanism is followed, and to provide assistance and advice where needed.

Maintenance: Many congregations will have received notification from the Synod Property Services team regarding maintenance or compliance matters that need to be addressed. The role of the Presbytery Property Committee is to work with congregations, finding a way forward to ensure that all our people can have a safe environment in which to worship. We are very aware of the financial constraints on many congregations, and will work with congregations on the best way forward.

Approvals: Whenever a congregation needs to make a big decision – whether buying, selling, renovating or leasing property – Presbytery has to be a part of the decision making process. There will always need to be involvement of the Synod Property Services Unit, as all UCA property is held in the legal entity of the Uniting Church Property Trust. Presbytery Property Committee can give your congregation assistance in steering the way through what needs to happen to achieve a positive outcome.

Insurance: A major focus of the Presbytery Property Committee in 2024 is ensuring that all congregational property is adequately insured.

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